Why France?

At present, France imports nearly 314 billion euros from Europe. Only 7 countries each weigh in for more than 5% of these imports. This means that the vast majority of European countries misses out on many opportunities! The French are eager and open to foreign exporters. In other words, with the right approach, there are plenty of opportunities to be taken!

Themes such as smart cities, high-tech, environment, sustainability and renewable energy are some of the French government’s focus, and therefore top all business agendas. The good thing is that these are all areas in which we at INEMCO Trading & Export are very strong, which is one of the reasons why INEMCO focuses on supporting companies which fall under the umbrella of Sustainability & Environment.

Doing business in France

What do you need to successfully export to the French market? At first, you need a good product and sound export and marketing strategies. Then, mastering the French language is essential. Finally, successful business in France is only possible if you know the French culture and mentality well, and above all if you understand and respect it.

The French way of doing business is different from other countries.

A well-known example is the fact that Dutch people fairly quickly communicate in an informal way, on a first-name basis. Dutch people are also straightforward and goal oriented. This directness will often backfire in France. Speaking directly on a first-name basis won’t be appreciated. Doing that is only possible if the French business partner has taken the first step. A Frenchman is initially much more formal and expects a much more subtle way of communicating.

There are many more cultural differences that you have to take into account, also in your marketing strategy. INEMCO has a large network of partners in France to help you with that. We not only work with marketing and trade experts, but also with people who know everything about the many local, regional and national subsidy schemes that the country has.

Any questions?

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