Working method & Services

INEMCO Trading & Export assists companies in setting up and implementing successful export strategies for the French market. We do this in a specific number of phases.


Market research & feasibility analysis

Entering the French market without thorough research and planning is asking for problems. What works well in your own country can completely fail in France (and vice versa). That is why we start with extensive research and a feasibility analysis. We investigate the opportunities and collect valuable feedback from future French customers. Based on this, we formulate a solid feasibility advice for your company.


Marketing & sales plans

In the second phase we help you – together with our partners in France – with drawing up an introduction strategy. We also provide a marketing plan for you. Your company’s website, brochures, flyers and packaging will be written in impeccable French and in line with the latest French trends and developments. Additionally, we prepare a sales plan as well as a thorough strategy for the introduction of your products and/or services, together with you.

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Local- / Regional sales

With its 547.000 km2, France is the largest country in Western Europe and with its 67 million inhabitants, it is one of the biggest population of the region. Conquering the entire country at once is impossible. We therefore prefer to start locally, by creating a market for your product; in one city for example, or one region. The market research will have shown which region is the most promising for your company.

We organize trial- or introductory sessions in local stores and – together with a French distribution partner – take part in business or consumer fairs. Marketing and promotion actions are essential in this phase. Once the local sales have started structurally, the goals for this phase have been achieved.


Growth towards nationwide sales

As time goes by, expansion spreads to other regions. We improve cooperation with existing distribution partners, expand sales, look for more sales partners and participate in national fairs. This is how we convince France – region by region – of your products and/or services.

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