About INEMCO Consultancy

INEMCO Consultancy, founded in 2010, specializes in data management and data governance. We provide consultancy for organizations that want to organize and manage their data more efficiently. We mainly focus on master data, such as customer and supplier data, product information and the data in the supply chain.

Our expertise in data management and data governance helps our customers to use data smarter and more effectively. We work on a project basis and support organizations in setting up plans, strategies and their implementation. We have implemented projects for a wide range of national and international companies .

15 years of experience in data governance and more than 25 years of consultancy make us experts in data management. With our expertise, we help our customers take their data management to the next level. Our mission is to help organizations grow to a higher level of data maturity. We attach great importance to mutual trust and equality. In this way, we work together on a sustainable collaboration.