Do you want to export to France? The opportunities are there to be taken! Do you know exactly how to market your product in your own country, but does the same strategy also work in France? Honestly? Probably not! INEMCO Trading & Export knows the French market like no other and will open the right doors for you. As a strategic sparring- and trading partner, we are happy to help you conquer the French market, step by step.

What we do

INEMCO Trading & Export helps companies gain a foothold in France. We do this with a large network of French partners. We take it a step further than most export consultancy companies. Not only do you receive sound advice, but we are also happy to guide you through the implementation of the strategy.

The way we work

Entering the French market without thorough research and planning is asking for problems. What works well in your own country can completely fail in France (and vice versa). We therefore start with a feasibility analysis, a sales plan and marketing strategy. Then we help you to set up your export activities step by step.

Why France?

France is the second largest trading economy in Europe with a potential market of over 67 million consumers! Themes such as high-tech, sustainability, renewable energy sources and the environment are all high on the French business agendas. In other words: plenty of opportunities!


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