INEMCO Consultancy offers a flexible approach tailored to each customer’s specific needs. This means that every assignment is different depending on the customer’s situation.
Throughout the entire process, INEMCO Consultancy involves the customer in the progress of the changes. We do this by having regular project meetings, both face-to- face and virtually. We work transparently and systematically, and share open points and statuses with our customers. We hold weekly or bi-weekly meetings to discuss progress.
This approach is based on the basic elements of effective project management and open communication.

Below are the different phases of how we work.

Organization and acquaintance

INEMCO Consultancy  starts with getting to know the people and mapping out the data maturity of the organization. This is the basis for drawing up a plan of action. To ensure that everyone is on the same page, it is important that we understand the technical terms of the organization.

Commitment and internal support

Each customer has their own way of working to which we tailor our approach. Even if there are (still) latent needs. We only start with the implementation after commitment from the board or management for the plan of action and implementation. Either a Go / No Go decision. This creates clarity and is the basis for internal support.

Implementation and guidance

In the implementation phase, INEMCO Consultancy works closely with the people who fulfill the different roles at the operational level for data management. We involve them in the plan of action and always work closely together. INEMCO Consultancy works based on trust and conviction. We believe this is the best way to achieve sustainable results.


INEMCO Consultancy continuously coaches in working with different departments. We provide insights, show how roles can be applied and emphasize responsibilities. We create the framework with the goal and coach people to work towards that goal.

Deliverables and advice

At the time of delivery and handover, we evaluate the objectives, identify outstanding action items and provide advice on how to proceed. We share the results achieved and explain why certain choices were made.


Data governance and data management are constantly evolving. Changes in the organization, legislation or technology have an impact on the way data is managed. That is why INEMCO Consultancy also offers support to its customers after completion.

We answer questions, give advice and help with decision-making. This can be done by telephone or through a follow-up process or project. We are happy to assist our customers, even after the initial implementation.