INEMCO was founded in 2017, shortly before INterim Export Management Consultancy. INEMCO was founded by Rico den Ouden, a driven entrepreneur with many years of experience in establishing trade relationships with French companies. As an outright Francophile, working with French companies clearly runs in Rico’s blood.

In recent years, Rico has successfully launched the brands L’Esprit provençal, Les Goûts de France and Fransbier.nl in the Netherlands, through which the products of several French producers (such as Eyguebelle, Meduz, Le Temps des Mets, Les Comtes de Provence, Aquasel and Brasserie Britt) were brought to the Netherlands.

Focus on sustainability

Now the roles have been reversed. As a strategic sparring and trading partner, INEMCO guides companies which want to bring their products to the French market. We do this together with a large network of French partners.

The focus is on products which fall under the umbrella of Sustainability & Environment. This means that they contribute to a (more) sustainable living environment and that they have been sustainably or organically produced. We are enthusiastic about products which help the world move forward.

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